Percussion Lessons Announced!

To celebrate my arrival to Mount Vernon, Illinois, I am currently accepting new students in my percussion studio. Conveniently located near 32nd St. and Broadway, I am equipped to teach all levels of percussion. Check out my percussion page for more details, and contact me if you want to apply.

Percussion Practice Phoundation

Percussion Practice Phoundation
Percussion Practice Phoundation

Some Adjustments

Greetings all. It has been a busy time. There have been two major movements in my creative efforts. One is an outward growth, which can best be seen on my facebook page and the other is an inward growth, which you don't hear much about.

Sweet Anticipation

For the last two weeks I have been at the merge point of two vastly different genres of music. I look to the left and I see electronic music that I have collected. I look to the right and I see Antonello Palombi singing Nessun dorma from Puccini’s Turandot. Is one of these genres superior to the other? I have been wrestling with that question for quite some time.

Another Track

Little side project

I had a little burst of inspiration thanks to my cousin in law's comments about Screaming Goat.

So, in turn, I took a little break from my album and threw together this little video featuring Screaming Goat, and a whole other set of animals. Anyway, please let your friends know if you enjoy it!

Take Us To Your Leader

Here is a sample of a new track for my upcoming album. Keep posted for more!

Entering into the world of Dubstep

So here's a sample of some Dubstep that I've created. If you happen to be in need of some tracks for a project you are working on, I would be glad to help you. Send me a message and maybe I could help you out! Enjoy!

New Song Uploaded.

I created this song over the weekend from some inspiration that happened Friday morning. I hope you all enjoy it!

Some updates with Music Tech

A week ago, I was playing percussion in church, and I met a pianist who used to work for Sergi making modular synthesizers. I must say it was a true meeting of the minds. Also, it fueled a fire that had been all but gone out in my own life.


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